CNC Official Communication

30 Mar

The CNC Board met on Monday evening to develop solutions for questions raised by our community in regards to the 2021 CNC Premier Women’s and Premier Mixed leagues. 

Please note that we cannot confirm dates and venues for gradings until registrations have been received by all teams (registrations close on the 1st of April). 

Below are the three main resolutions to questions and concerns of clubs as voted on by the CNC board in regards to the 2021 CNC Premier Women’s and 2021 CNC Premier Mixed leagues.


Each team playing in the 2021 CNC Premier Women's and Mixed grade league will be required to supply an umpire who will be entered into an umpire pool and allocated a game each week. Teams will be required to pay a $15 koha per game for the umpires. Umpires will need to meet the standards set out in the Competition Regulations.

For teams who are struggling to find a suitable umpire, please contact and we will try to help you source one. Teams should first endeavour to source an umpire independently before asking CNC. If the support of CNC is required, this will be on a first in first served basis and is not a guarantee. 


In endeavouring to protect our current membership whilst also growing our netball community the following decisions have been made in regards to grading in the 2021 CNC Women's Premier League.

- Teams which played in the 2020 CNC Women's Premier League and finished in ranks 1 - 4 will automatically be allocated a place in the 2021 competition and WILL NOT be required to grade.

- Teams which placed 5th - 8th in the 2020 CNC Women's Premier League will be required to grade alongside any further teams which register for the 2021 CNC Women's Premier League. 

Premier Mixed

  • Clarification was sought on the number of male players allowed on the court for one team at any one time. The CNC board can confirm that the maximum number of male players on the court at one time is 3. 
  • Women playing any grade are eligible to play in the Premier Mixed competition if they wish and meet the standards which the individual clubs deem appropriate for this grade.
  • Players may play in both the Premier Mixed and Premier Ladies competitions. Players may also play for 2 separate clubs in the 2 separate leagues (Premier ONLY). For example, a player at Club A wishes to play in both Monday (Mixed) and Wednesday (Women’s) leagues, but Club A only has a team in one of these competitions. This player may play for a secondary club (Club B) in a competition in which they are not registered within a team. Appropriate releases are to be negotiated by the clubs involved in these scenarios. 
  • An exception to Regulation 3.3 has been added through the addition of the following Regulation; 3.3.1 For the purposes of the 2021 Premier Mixed League Pilot. Players may register for two different clubs if they wish to participate in the Monday (mixed) along with another grade where their club is not registered to play or vice versa. This player may play for a secondary club in which their primary club is not registered. Appropriate releases are to be negotiated by the clubs involved.

Decisions made now will stand for the 2021 season and be reviewed annually based on the changing needs and developments of our netball community.

Please contact the centre via if any further clarification is required.

Kind regards, 

Fiona Watson

CNC Secretary